Ensuring Oral Health with Emergency Dental Treatment in Lindsey


Dental emergencies can happen for all sorts of reasons. Something as simple as biting down too hard on a piece of food can result in a chipped, cracked or broken tooth. However, one of the leading cause of dental injuries involves suffering a trauma that occurs while playing sports. According to a report reviewed by the Faculty of Columbia University’s College of Dental Medicine, dentists estimate that up to 39% of all dental injuries occur while playing sports. In fact, the American Dental Association estimates that athletes who don’t wear mouth guards are 60 times more likely to damage their teeth while playing sports. However, in a study commissioned by the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO), two-thirds of parents (67%) admitted that their children do not wear a mouth guard while playing organized sports. While an emergency dental treatment can help save a tooth that has been chipped or completely knocked out, parents in Lindsey are advised to take extra precautions when it comes to preserving the oral health of their families. At The Beaverton Dental Office, new patients receive their first comprehensive exam and cleaning for free, allowing families to work together to meet their oral health and safety goals.

Taking Precautions to Avoid Dental Injuries

If you enjoy sports or any other high-risk activities, it is important to protect yourself. There are two main types of basic protection that athletes can wear depending on the sport that they are playing. The first piece of protective equipment that parents should consider is a helmet. This is essential for activities that involve speed and/or impact. Helmets are an absolute must when playing sports like hockey, football, skating and bike riding, where traumas caused by hits or falls are common and can cause dental injuries.

The second piece of protective equipment that athletes should consider sporting is a mouth guard. At a time where equipment for sports such as hockey and football can be expensive, a mouth guard can be one of the most efficient and inexpensive pieces of equipment that you can use to protect yourself or a loved one. Wearing a mouth guard is one of the best ways to prevent injury to your teeth, tongue and lips. According to Colgate, the use of mouth guards among football players is believed to prevent about 200,000 mouth injuries every year.

Why Are Mouth Guards Necessary?
In most organized sports, mouth guards are not mandatory. However, when it comes to protecting our teeth, it is important that parents and athletes alike take responsibility for their oral safety. Athletes of all ages and skill levels are at risk for oral injuries and protection can become even more important for older athletes who are competing at a high level. So, mouth guards are just as vital in recreational and youth sports as they are at the high school, collegiate and professional levels.

Wearing a mouth guard can help protect your teeth, tongue and lips during contact sports and high-risk activities. In the event that you or a loved one suffers an injury to the mouth and has a tooth knocked out, it is important to seek emergency dental treatment immediately. In Lindsey, patients can visit their dentist or the hospital emergency room to receive immediate help. Seeking medical attention within the first 10-30 minutes can greatly improve the chances of saving a tooth that has been knocked out, allowing it to take root again, while also restoring natural aesthetics, comfort, and functionality. A custom-made mouth guard offers the best fit and highest level of comfort for athletes of all skill levels. To purchase a custom-fit mouth guard, visit your local dentist and get protected with a mouth guard that is perfectly suited for you jaw.

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